Scalable hosting solutions customized to the needs of your businesses.

Hosted services are typically technology services with infrastructure at a private location, not at the vendor’s place of business. Ideal for small to medium sized business, the types of services delivered by IT Flow include website hosting, virtual server hosting, emails, hosted telephony, and file hosting.
Website Hosting

Affordable, fast hosting with minimal downtime and security add-ons.

Virtual Server

Dedicated space on virtual server to meet your business needs.

Emails & Telephony

Several hosting plans to accommodate your communication needs.

File Hosting

Secure hosting of all vital documents, with easy access and back-up.


We provide you with innovative solutions to ready you for success

Founded 10 years ago, IT FLOW’s core focus remains resolute, to provide innovative technology products and solutions that meet the IT demands of organizations today, regardless of sector.

We seek to provide agile solutions that are highly scalable to the changing IT needs of your business, adhere to best practices, and integrate current technology trends, to ensure the effectiveness of your IT infrastructure and to help your organization grow.

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